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Retouched Linn Drum Samples

“Retouched” isn’t your average assortment of free Linn Drum samples. Instead, it offers 49 freshly created drum hits that capture the unique Linn essence, but reimagined through innovative sound design and processing techniques tailored to the demands of today’s music producer.

The Linn LM-2 Drum Machine has arguably influenced the 80s music scene more than any other instrument of its kind. This iconic piece of equipment has featured in an array of chart-topping tracks by the likes of a-Ha, Madonna, Billy Idol, and many others. With the resurgence of 80s-inspired music, the Linn LM-2 is enjoying a new wave of popularity. While its distinctive character remains, the original sounds might seem a tad underwhelming when evaluated against the modern sonic expectations. To address this, Bvker have taken the initiative to breathe new life into these classic drum sounds, refining them for enhanced clarity, volume, and impact!

In constructing this kit, they weren’t averse to adjusting pitches, overlaying new sound layers, or adding fresh transients. We even went as far as revamping the body on a few kick sounds. The kit was also enriched with tape saturation, analog compression, new reverb tails, and was heavily processed for optimal results. While some samples underwent significant transformations, they were careful to retain the authentic vibe in others. If you’re in search of a free Linn Drum sample pack that caters to modern 80s, Synthpop, or Synthwave music, then this is the kit to download!


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