Sample Pack

LIFE Ambient Sample Pack

Adding real-world sounds to your tracks is a perfect way to create an authentic, human feel that can’t be achieved with digital synths and sounds. For many, these authentic recordings add depth and meaning to a song — making it more memorable.

So to bring you this level of depth and meaning to your music, we travelled to several unique locations with professional equipment to get premium real-world recordings that will bring your songs to life.

“LIFE” Ambient Recordings is filled to the brim with recordings including fire crackles, downtown city ambience, crowds, calm ocean sounds, waterfalls, rivers, streams, vinyl crackles, farm noises, and more! Every single recording was done with high-level professional equipment, and was carefully cut and separated into useable files for your songs.

Have everything you need to add an authentic, human feel to your music and bring your tracks to life.

DOWNLOAD the pack at Cymatics

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