Moog DFAM Drum Samples

This sample pack contains over 130 samples of bass drums created using the Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) analog drum synthesizer!

This pack was created by triggering the DFAM using a DAW. Then the settings were tweaked live between hits to achieve a diverse selection of bass drum sounds. The samples were then chopped, edited, and then batch exported to a folder.

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What’s the Moog DFAM?

After the Mother, Moog brought the DFAM – another semimodular synthesizer in the desktop and Eurorack format – on the market. This machine specializes in drums!

Moog’s synthesizers have always been used to create analogue drum and percussion sounds. With fast envelopes, self-oscillation of the filter and last but not least the powerful, bass-driven basic sound, they offer the best conditions for this. With the “Drummer From Another Mother”, DFAM for short, Moog has introduced a semi-modular monophonic analog synthesizer, whose sound generation has been optimized especially for this task.


The technology of the DFAM sits in the same desktop housing as the Mother-32. The wooden side pieces not only look chic, but also serve as a stand and provide a user-beveled surface for better usability. Like the Mother-32, the DFAM can be operated autonomously in the desktop housing or screwed into an Eurorack housing.

And once you have internalized the sound generation and the signal path in this way, the DFAM is relatively easy to see through. Because the drum synthesizer works in principle with the same subtractive synthesis as all classic analog synthesizers. Here, however, some elements were specially adapted for the suitability for drums. So there is an own envelope for pitch, filter and amplifier. All three envelopes have but only an adjustable cooldown (decay), on complete ADSR equipment you have to do without. But since drums always have a very short settling time and then no longer stay at a certain volume, control options for attack and sustain are dispensable. To enhance the versatility of these Moog DFAM drum samples, consider using a video editor to synchronize them with captivating visuals or to create engaging tutorial content, showcasing the intricate process of tweaking settings and producing diverse bass drum sounds with this powerful analog synthesizer.

And with that we have arrived at the most important point, the sound! Thanks to the super fast analogue envelopes, clicks and zaps are no problem for the synthesizer. With a little less pitch modulation you create ultra deep basses and boom kicks that make the subwoofer rip like an original TR-808. But also rich techno-kicks in the style of a TR-909 are produced in a few simple steps, as well as all kinds of analogous toms. The built-in noise generator provides classic snares or Simmons sounds. All this is already done with an oscillator, it gets really exciting when using the second oscillator. The excellent-sounding frequency modulation extends the sound spectrum with FM bass, hi-hats, cymbals, gongs and lots of oblique effect sounds, which are always assertive and noble and never sound too annoying or annoying. Even our adjoining Analog Rytm MK2 had difficulty keeping up with this raw analogue power. The audio samples are all directly and completely from the DFAM and were screwed live, without overdubbing multiple tracks or other post-processing. Only some examples have added some reverb or delay.

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