Finger Snaps Sample Pack

Pure Snap Magic is a collection of over 1000+ snaps, claps, stomps, and thumps, delivered to you in .wav samples for ease of use. Recorded using over 30 different mics, each pack of snaps, claps, stomps, and thumps contains vastly different tones and timbres. This is truly one hell of a snap sample pack!

Recorded with a wide array of microphones from companies like Apex 215, Neumann, Rode, Senheiser and Shure A2WS as well as a simple iPhone, this finger snaps sample pack is the only pack in this category you will ever need – and it’s free!


Within each individual sample folder there are sub folders containing dry hits, layered hits, and effected hits. No matter what genre you work in, you will never need to record another snap, clap, or stomp again!

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Oh snap! They really do speak for themselves. No more wasting time trying to get your recorded snaps EQ’d or in the right pocket. You can literally drag any of these samples into your DAW and it will sound like magic. Check out the “Snaps Dry” folder for various samples recorded on 30 different microphones. Looking for a matched pair? We have a few different options for you there.

Floor Stomps
The floor stomp samples were recorded on different surfaces including a work desk, table, stage, wood flooring, stairs, carpet and a cafe floor in Berlin. There are so many good layers here for building epic stomps or for layering some low end onto another hit. Pro tip – to create a stomp that sounds like multiple people stomping in unison, try staggering your hits just a little bit having some of them slightly behind the beat. This will help it sound “real” and also bigger.

The thuds samples were recorded using lots of body parts from multiple people! There are samples of belly hits, chest hits, mouth finger pops, mouth finger flicks, as well as your traditional kick drum, floor tom, and padded thuddy sounds. It’s really quite fun digging through the samples and seeing what sound they got out of which body part. This pack is great for building interesting kick drums and layering your low end.

Remember that time you wanted to build that epic “crowd clap” with hundreds of hands clapping in unison… but then you realised it was just you with 1 microphone and 2 hands… Here you literally have all the claps you need recorded on some of the best mics around. We’ll hand it off to you now.

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