Elektron Monomachine Drum Samples

Here’s packs of 156 drums, clicks, noised and rattles from the legendary Elektron Monomachine – a modern cult classic. The samples come in wav format in 24 bit, 44100, stereo. The download is 12 MB in size.

DOWNLOAD Elektron Monomachine Drum Samples

The Elektron Monomachine drum samples are synthesised from the five different engines that the machine offers. The engines are fundamentally different from each other and offer a broad sonic spectrum. The SuperWave is rooted in subtractive synthesis with the subcategories SAW, PULS and ENSemble. SID is an emulation of the Commodore 64 MOS6581 chip – the emulation is nowhere close to the original chip of Elektron’s SID Station, but it gets you in the right ballpark! DigiPRO is equipped with raw waveforms, but this algorithm can also play a few drums effectively. FM+ offers three different frequency modulations, which are often considered the specialty of this machine. Finally VO offers formant synthesis with voice-modeling and is rather experimental in its nature.

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