Sample Pack

E-mu Morpheus Samples

30 chord pads from E-mu Morpheus. All samples are clean, without any fx. Wav format, 24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 65 mb.

For E-MU, Morpheus or E-Mu UltraProteus were a double-edged affair. Both modules were not as successful as hoped and production was stopped relatively quickly. But the research and development of H-Chip and Z-Plane filters were the foundations for the following products. Although the experiment of the filter cubes remained unique, because it was soon discovered that complex multisampling and velocity switches bring the better results in natural sounds. As RAM space became cheaper and cheaper, the approach of filter manipulation to simulate natural sound behavior was not pursued. But the Z-Plane principle retained E-MU. EIV sampler, Proteus2000 series and the software sampler EmulatorX all offer descendants of the Morpheus filters. From the masses, the most effective were selected and re-equipped with the familiar parameters cutoff and resonance.

However, if you want Z-Plane pure and exhausting, we recommend using Ultra Proteus or Morpheus.


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