Clap Trap Samples

Original 80’s Claps for your DAW.  At some point in the mid 80s Simmons drum company ( famous for the 80 hexagonal-padded drum kits ) decided to release a box that would help R+B producers achieve the thick, powerful claps that were incredibly popular in the club music of the decade

Using a simple EPROM based 8 bit Sample mixed an analog noise generator it’s genius was its utter simplicity and the innocuous ‘Humanise’ Button that made every clap ever so slightly different.


We’ll be honest – these were not built to modern standards and many have not survived the last 30 years. This has forced the second-hand value up to near-ridiculous levels and we’ve not been able to find a single flexible sample pack for it. 

DOWNLOAD Clap Trap Samples

Details: 100 WAV Claptrap samples (10X Round robin of 10 different Claptrap settings). Sampler Patches for : Logic Pro X ( EXS24 ), Ableton Live, Studio One, Reason, Kontakt, Battery, MPC and Maschine.

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