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Ambient Cassette Loops

Check out this free sample pack of 11 ambient cassette loops, which have been processed expertly through a vintage 4-track cassette recorder by sound company ModeAudio. The sample pack comes bundled with an Ableton Live 11 and Logic Pro X project including associated mastering channel strips. The pack can be used completely royalty-free.

Inside the free sample pack, you’ll find 11 music loops created just for this set, spanning dreamy synth chords, mellow electric guitar drones, serene strings and plenty of noisy audio layers, all processed through a vintage Yamaha MT4X multitrack cassette recorder for that nostalgic kiss of LoFi magic.


Although all loops are bounced at 80bpm, they’re all a slightly different number of total bars in length running up to 1m 15s, meaning when the Logic or Ableton sessions are left to play, the loop points will run in and out of phase with each other and provide subtly shifting variations, like ripples colliding across the surface of a pond.



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